Quality policy

Today it has become essential, in order to compete on national and international markets, to focus on Quality. OMP, which operates in the field of multi-sector mechanical component production, intends to pursue this path, constantly aiming to improve every activity and every business process.

In this way it will be possible to operate in markets subjected to great evolutions, relying on products and services always up to our Customers.

The maintenance of the achieved results and their continuous improvement goes through a constant application of the inside (i.e. by the property and staff) and outside (by the society) knowledge of the Customer's needs. In general, this is subjected to use of more and more innovative management and operational means and techniques, to recognize our errors and to get indications in order to eliminate repetitions, up to aiming the prevention of negative events.

The above is accomplished by:

  • The compliance with applicable laws and regulations,
  • the definition of coherent methods to guarantee the productive and environmental efficiency of the processes,
  • the priority search for safety and reliability of OMP products and related processes;
  • prevention of non-conformities,
  • continuous attention to the improvement of all business processes based on research, technological innovation and organizational and structural adjustment,
  • continuous attention to product improvement based on research in the field of materials and the use of advanced design methods and techniques,
  • the customer and future oriented vision of OMP.
  • the systematic consideration of the interests of the stakeholders identified in their reference context both internal and external to the company;
  • adequate assessment of new opportunities and the effects of any risk situations present within the context of reference;

The Management commits to allocate the necessary resources and to take an active role in promoting and guiding all the activities having an influence on Quality, by disseminating the concepts set out here at various company levels and verifying the results obtained.

In order to implement this policy, OMP considers necessary to:

  • ensure an optimal flow of communications inside and outside the company;
  • promote the involvement of staff in participating in research and proposals for the solution of quality, safety and environmental problems, aiming at the continuous and constant improvement of products, processes, services, working and environmental conditions;
  • implement the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001,
  • guarantee the systematic conformity of the products
  • ensure compliance with qualitative, quantitative and temporal requirements, as well as quality / price ratio, in compliance with the specified requirements, defining and monitoring appropriate process indicators;
  • involve and monitor the performance of our suppliers with which to promote and implement processes and procedures for mutual benefit, but which are in line with criteria for improvement of the whole context relating to quality, safety, environment and mandatory standards;
  • promote and implement training programs, training and qualification of personnel at the various company levels in order to optimize the process of human resource growth;
  • promote technological innovation.
OMP commits to make this Quality Policy available to the public or to anyone who specifically requests it in general.

The OMP Management, 13/12/2017

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